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Carlos and Suzanne are together an extremely effective and highly successful independent private Anger Management and Psychotherapy practice. By providing high quality, effective and professional services which are time and cost efficient, their practice has survived and flourished while others have failed. Through austerity and 'economic downturns', social changes, and a massive increase in free services offered by NHS and charities, they have built a strong and flexible practice and remained competitive. They have survived because their clients believe that their services are worthwhile and meet their needs and are willing to recommend them.

Within a profession that has become extremely unprofessional, filled with charlatans, do-gooders and wannabees, their practice is beacon of professionalism, skill and efficacy. Their therapists and an anger specialists, although always compassionate, engaging and generous, are also consummate professionals. They are all highly skilled, effective and successful independent private therapists. Unlike so many of their so-called 'peers' who are NHS or Charity practitioners, who are paid regardless of their ability or success, and are given an endless stream of clients who have no choice. Or, who are part-time private practitioners, unable to sustain a full-time private practice. Carlos and Suzanne are rarities at the top of their profession. They are full-time private practitioners with very successful private practices and great reputations. Within the independent private sector, where clients pay and have choice, they would not have survived and flourished if they were otherwise.

Carlos and Suzanne, between them, have decades of experience. They are highly qualified, highly motivated, skilled and experienced psychotherapists who have specialised in the reduction and resolution of Anger and Aggression issues.
Do not put your or your family's future in the hands of trainees, students, do-gooders, 'the inexperienced', 'life coaches' or other therapist wannabes. Always seek help from proven professionals.
We believe that you deserve the best treatment and best therapists available.

Anger Management Therapists. Anger Management Specialist: Carlos Gibson-Foy

Carlos Gibson-Foy: Anger Management Specialist and Course tutor

MA Psychotherapy (University of Middlesex)
CPCAB Diploma (L4 Therapeutic Counselling)
CPCAB Certificate (L3 Counselling Studies Skills)
CPCAB Certificate (L2 Counselling Skills)

Tel: 01933395497 (Private office line with answer machine)
Mob: 07427144234
Anger Management Service areas:
Weekly one-to-one - • Higham Ferrers • Rushden • Kettering • Wellingborough • Bedford • Irthlingborough • Irchester • Stanwick • Raunds • Earles Barton • Northampton • Huntingdon • Corby • St Neots •
Courses - • Milton Keynes • Luton • Dunstable • Newport Pagnell • Bedford •

Ten years success in helping Anger-Sufferers reduce and then resolve Anger issues.
Despite being a fully qualified Psychotherapist, Carlos brings a huge amount of 'real-world' experience to his psychotherapeutic and Anger Management practice. Carlos, prior to becoming an Anger reduction and resolution specialist, spent 20 years in high-pressure commercial environments. For 20 years, he designed and delivered large-scale time-critical financial and banking computing solutions and therefore has firsthand experience of the daily stresses and pressures that corporate and modern life places upon people.

Following his commercial career, Carlos changed direction and trained for six years to become a fully qualified Analytical Psychotherapist and Counsellor and has worked as a systemic Anger and Aggression Specialist for over a decade. Carlos has dedicated himself to helping others improve their personal, relational and working lives. His work with anger issues has been driven by client need for something more effective and constructive than traditional Anger Management. Carlos, in independent practice with Suzanne, developed a completely new and revolutionary model and process to help people quickly and efficiently reduce and resolve personal and interpersonal anger issues without the need for long-term management, tool deployment or control. Their model and process is simple to understand and engage with, but also, a comprehensive and elegant design, such that it can explain, reduce and resolve the majority of anger issues. Thus, Carlos has never encountered an ordinary, (not part of a complex psychological disorder), that is not reducible and resolvable, providing the anger-sufferer dedicates themselves to the process. And as such, he has an extraordinarily high success rate, or, as he would say, his clients, never fail.

Similar to most people, Carlos is no stranger to life's difficulties and therefore through his own personal healing journey of growth and change, understands the difficulties that others may face. Amongst other personal events and issues, Carlos has severe dyslexia, which, during his schooling in the 1970s and 80s created great personal and interpersonal issues for him that severely damaging his confidence and self-esteem. However, unlike many who ignore their own issues, pretending to be healthy, Carlos is a great believer in 'healer heal thyself'. After all, what use is a therapist who cannot, for themselves, overcome their own psychological and relational issues? Therefore, his work goes beyond his therapy and training rooms and extend into his own personal life. Carlos met his wife in 1999 and together they work hard to maintain a happy, loving and engaging marriage. Carlos also works tirelessly on his own personal development ensuring that he is in the best possible psychological and relational health.

Carlos is a joyful, enthusiastic and engaging individual and is always willing to do his best to help wherever he can. He has an unshakable belief in people and knows that given the correct environment and opportunities, everyone has the potential to shine. He believes in inspiration, empathy, honesty, and compassion and these are the cornerstones of his work.

Anger Management Therapists. Anger Management Suzanne Gibson-Foy

Suzanne Gibson-Foy: Anger Management Specialist and Course tutor

MA Psychotherapy (University of Middlesex)
CPCAB Certificate (L2 Counselling Skills)
BA Hons. History (University of Sheffield)
PGCE (University of Bedfordshire)

Tel: 01933358739 (Private office line with answer machine)
Mob: 07837784663
Anger Management Service areas:
Weekly one-to-one and Courses- • Higham Ferrers • Rushden • Kettering • Wellingborough • Bedford • Milton Keynes • Luton • Dunstable • Newport Pagnell • Bedford • Olney • Banbury • Rugby • Towcester • Bicester • Daventry • Flitwick • Leighton Buzzard • Woburn • Bletchley •

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist and Anger specialist, Suzanne had a very successful career as a hard working and dedicated teacher. She taught A'Level history and politics and was head of the history department in a good private school and inspired young people to be their best, many going to some of the best universities in the UK including Cambridge university.

Having always had a great interest in personal and spiritual development, Suzanne decided to refocus her life and help people directly improve their lives, relationships and employment prospects. To facilitate this goal, she undertook a three-year course to get a Masters degree in Psychotherapy and then set up in private practice with Carlos. Together they created an extremely successful independent Psychotherapy and counselling practice both in Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire and have helped thousands of people live happier lives. As part of her practice, she specialised in Anger reduction and resolution to meet the need for something better than traditional anger management and, alongside Carlos, helped develop a new and innovative model and process capable of helping anger-sufferers without the pitfalls and mistakes of traditional anger interventions.

Suzanne is a truly inspirational speaker and trainer and a great counsellor and psychotherapist. Over the years of her practice, she has helped hundreds and hundreds of individuals free themselves from the oppression of anger, aggression and violence. She has helped anger-sufferers truly turn their lives around to live happy productive lives and form loving and communicative relationships with family, friends, their children and their special someone. Suzanne believes that with dedication and support, anger-sufferers can live wonderful lives.

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