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Workplace Mental Health Issues: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Aggression

Mental Health issues, including Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Anger and Aggression, constitute a serious problem for UK businesses. Within the workplace, they affect Productivity, Customer Relations, Workplace Morale and Cooperation, and Business Opportunities. Mental Health issues are indiscriminate and can affect anyone at any time. If your business is suffering as a result of workplace mental health issues or you wish to utilise a preventative measure, then please contact us. We offer engaging and innovative training courses to small and large groups, both on and off site.

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Corporate Mental Health. Business Anger Management

Employee Mental Health Issues are seriously damaging your business and business opportunities

Your business' productivity and morale is in danger of being washed away under a flood mental illness and litigation.

In 2015/16, UK businesses lost 10.4 million work days solely due to stress. Annually, in sick days alone, workplace stress costs, £6.5bn, (£6,427,200,000). ‘Health and Safety Executive’ statistics demonstrate that, employee Stress, Depression or Anxiety accounted for 37% of all work-related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost to ill health in 2015/16.

That is a staggering statistic!
Almost Half of the productivity your company loses due to absence through ill health, is the result of Stress, Anxiety, or Depression.

Furthermore, Stressed, depressed and anxious employees have either lower productivity, make more mistakes and are more likely to have or cause accidents or conversely, they are desperate to please, are obsessive and suffer from 'burn-out'. And, both types of stress-sufferer, are volatile, have personal and professional relational issues and cause problems for themselves, other employees, and clients or customers of the business. As a result, your business is needlessly haemorrhaging money, hand-over-fist.

But what if you could change all that?
What if you could significantly reduce that massive statistic of 45% and reduce that bill?
What if you could reduce that bill and improve productivity, safety, workplace harmony, morale, and collaboration?

The reality is, that workplace stress, anxiety, depression and anger are Reducible and Resolvable issues.

Business is competitive and one must adapt to survive.
Your greatest asset is your workforce and often, your greatest cost is your workforce.
Business owners, directors, and managers continually seek to improve their competitive ‘edge’ through improved productivity and efficiency and by reducing costs.
Through an employer funded initiative to improve the mental and relational health of your workforce, you would kill two birds with one stone. Both reduce losses due to illness and increase productivity and profitability.
Not to mention, that investing in people is great publicity.

We offer you that opportunity.
We provide proven Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Aggression training courses that can help each participant:
• Improve Communication and Relational skills both at work and at home
• Increase confidence and self-belief
• Reduce reactivity and ‘sensitivity’
• Manage difficult peers and customers
• Overcome angry and aggressive tendencies
• Overcome controlling and manipulative tendencies
• Change egocentric self-defeating and self-destructive beliefs
And much more besides.
Our courses are designed to empower the employee and foster permanent psychological, emotional, and relational changes that are beneficial both to employer and employee alike. Unlike other ‘training’ that utilise ‘tools’ that are soon forgotten, misunderstood, or misused. Or recycle and repackage clichéd and trite advice. Our training courses are innovative and unique and focus upon engendering real and sustainable change within the participants.

If this is something that you might be interested in, please give us a no-obligation and no hard-sell call.
We are here to help you improve your business through happier, healthier and more productive employees.

Stress, Depression, Anxiety and Aggression

Anger, Aggression and Depression are symptoms of Stress and Anxiety and together, the five form extremely destructive pathological psychology that may be manifested both in the workplace and at home. Anger and Aggression within the workplace are a significant violation of Health and Safety leaving businesses wide open to litigation. Aggression in the workplace may manifest as bullying and harassment or, more subtlety or covertly, as 'banter', but, no matter what it is called, it still constitutes harassment which is unlawful under the Equality act. Furthermore, it is a modern fact of business life that under current legislation, employers are responsible for the environments they create and manage and consequently, any stress, anxiety or psychological damage caused by said environments is considered the responsibility of the employer and they are often held to account via extremely costly litigation. Moreover, since employers are responsible for consequential damage, there is the potential for litigation that not only includes damage to the employee but also subsequent losses and damage to the employee's employment prospects, capacity to work, and lifestyle including relationships and marriage. Anger and Aggression displaced from the workplace into the home is a serious issue and is easily tracible to workplace environments.

This being the case, it behoves businesses to be proactive and take responsibility for workplace stress and anxiety, and anger and aggression before it is too late. It is time for all businesses, corporate, public, or charitable, to take stock and realise that Mental Health issues within the workplace are not going to vanish. That they are significant, destructive, and costly and that proactivity is cost effective, builds reputation and is great publicity, and demonstrates to employees and clients that they are valued. It makes good business sense to invest in healthy productive employees.

The cost of employee courses to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and aggression are comparatively minuscule when compared to the cost of lost revenue and productivity, damage to reputation and public image, and the risk of litigation.

Time and Cost Effective

Considering the ongoing cost and negative impact Mentalhealth issues including Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Anger and Aggression have on businesses, the provision of courses and counselling to employees is inexpensive by comparison. If a business employs a provider of effective courses or therapy, the positive impact on the employees and business is significant.

Our Courses

Our courses are designed to help delegates deal with Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Aggression.

Anger Management and Stress reduction.

Working with difficult employees, clients and members of the public.

Individual Therapy and Anger Management

Decades of Experience

We do not employ life coaches, do-godders, or 'wannabe' therapists. All our course tutors have decades of experience and have helped thousands of people recover from the oppression that is anger, aggression and violence. They are all fully trained and experienced in the utilisation of the course model and material both in the form of Intensive anger management courses and individual one-to-one weekely appointments.

Corporate Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Aggression Management and Resolution Courses

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